Sunday, 22 November 2015

Vibration power: can generate power any where, will become the IoT ace

Small power plants, "only a few centimeters square, press the button and small vibration force during operation of the machine can be converted to electricity, to achieve energy self-sufficiency of things.

"IoT (Internet of Things)," there is a major weakness, and that is power.

Although the sensor can be set up in all places of the world, via the Internet to gather information, but if there is no electricity to start the machine, everything is on paper. Connect wires for all sensors is not realistic, its built-in battery will lead to rising costs.

The technology is expected to solve this problem is to "vibration generation." This technology can be longitudinal shaking car and train travel occurs on a regular basis of the vibration motor of air-conditioning equipment, etc. to convert into energy. In Japan, the vibration power generation industry groups Affairs Bureau, while Keiji Takeuchi also NTT Data Business Institute senior manager noted that "in addition to the general impression of the vibration, as well as methods using human pressing or pedaling forces."

Previous generation efficiency of this technique is very low, but now the "broadband" and other improvements to break this bottleneck. Various types of rock can be efficiently converted into electricity. If the popularity of this technology, "small power" will appear in the world, play a supporting role for IoT will achieve energy self-sufficiency.

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