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The Safest Portable Solar Power Generator

The portable solar power generator is also easy to carry and the development and design, free installation features, convenience for outdoor camping, because of the limited size, storage capacity is too low, but cost is high. Modular need for simple installation, large capacity storage, both practical and affordable, as more suitable for home users and outdoor use.

Portable Solar Power Generator Advantages:

1.Independent power supply, without geographical restrictions, no fuel consumption, no mechanical moving parts, short construction period, size freely;

2.Sine wave inverter, use the system more stable and secure

3.The portable solar power generator uses a high conversion efficiency solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy efficiently

4.The solar powered protable generator comes with battery check function, so you always know the status of power, to ensure the required electricity
battery for solar energy storage
5.Multiple independent outputs, without disturbing each other, for a variety of electricity needs

6.Overcharge and over discharge protection device and overload protection, high temperature protection, open circuit protection and other functions

7.The solar powered portable generator is suitable for less electrical power shortage areas, such as forests, mountains, or the use of field work, etc.

The Portable Solar Power Generator battery is using lifePo4 battery pack.llifePo4 storage battery: greater safety, longer life, does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (low cost of raw materials), support for fast charging, work wide temperature range.

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Top 4 Tips to Maintain UPS LifePo4 Batteries

Many people think that the lifePo4 batteries is maintenance-free, especially when using a UPS power supply, this idea is even more apparent. But in fact, the problem is due to the lack of maintenance caused by battery failure in all UPS's share is quite high.

Many people think that the lifePo4 batteries is maintenance-free, especially when using a UPS power supply, this idea is even more apparent. But in fact, the problem is due to the lack of maintenance caused by battery failure in all UPS's share is quite high. Therefore, routine maintenance of UPS lifePo4 batteries, UPS will largely extend the battery life and reduce the failure rate. This article will introduce you to UPS lifePo4 batteries maintenance methods.

Maintaining Proper Temperature

Generally, factors affecting lifePo4 batteries life is greater ambient temperature. The optimal ambient temperature is generally required for battery manufacturers is between 20-25 ℃. Although the temperature rise of the battery discharge capacity has increased, but at the expense of lifePo4 batteries life is shortened. According to tests measuring the ambient temperature once more than 25 ℃, every increase of 10 ℃, the battery life will be shortened by half. UPS lifePo4 batteries currently used are generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery design life expectancy is five years, which can be achieved at battery manufacturer demanding environments. Not reach the environmental requirements, there is a great difference in the length of its life. In addition, to improve the ambient temperature, it will cause the battery internal chemical activity increased, resulting in a lot of heat, in turn prompting the ambient temperature rises, this vicious cycle will accelerate shorten lifePo4 batteries life.

Regularly Charge and Discharge

UPS power supply in the float voltage and discharge voltage at the factory have been commissioning rating, while the discharge current size increases as the load increases, the use should be reasonable to adjust the load, such as the control computer and other electronic equipment It uses several. Under normal circumstances, the load should not exceed 60% UPS rated load. In this range, the lifePo4 batteries discharge current will not over-discharge.

UPS due to the long connected to the mains, the supply of high quality, rare power cut use of the environment, the battery will be a long period of float charge state, the course of time will lead to battery chemical energy and electrical energy into each activity decreased, accelerated aging and shorten life. Thus, generally every 2-3 months should be fully discharged once the discharge time can be determined based on the lifePo4 batteries capacity and load size. After a full load discharge is complete, the required recharge more than 8 hours.

Use of Communications Capabilities

Currently, the vast majority of large and medium-sized UPS are equipped with computer communication and control procedures operability. Install the appropriate software on the PC connected to UPS through the serial / parallel port, run the program, you can use the computer to communicate with the UPS. Generally have information query, parameter settings, set the timer, automatic shutdown and alarm functions. Through information query, you can get the mains input voltage, UPS output voltage, load utilization,lifePo4 batteries capacity utilization, internal temperature and mains frequency information; through parameter settings, you can set the basic characteristics of UPS, battery time and can be maintained battery runs out alarms. Through these intelligence operations, which greatly facilitates the use of lifePo4 batteries and UPS power management.

The Timely Replacement of the Waste or Bad Battery

Currently the number of medium and large UPS lifePo4 batteries power supply is equipped from 3-80 dollars, or even more. These individual cells through a circuit connected to form a battery pack to meet the needs UPS DC power supply. UPS running in continuous use, due to the difference in performance and quality on individual lifePo4 batteries performance, storage capacity is mainly the damage is inevitable. When the battery pack in a / some cells are damaged, the maintenance personnel should be checked for each battery test, to exclude damage to the battery. When replacing a new battery, it should seek to buy with the same type of battery manufacturers prohibit anti-acid batteries and sealed batteries, mix batteries of different specifications.

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5 Tips for Choosing Best UPS LifePo4 Battery

Determine the required UPS capacity: Calculate the sum of all load S = S1 + S2 + ...... + Sn Unit: VA. Select UPS capacity ≥S ÷ 0.8 (consider the impact resistance and the need for expansion of the UPS).

UPS to determine the required type: according to the load on the output stability, switching time, the output waveform is determined by selecting on-line, line-interactive, backup lifePo4 batteries. Output line UPS stability, transient response capability than the other two strong ability to adapt to non-linear loads is also strong. Some of the more sophisticated equipment and more important requirements for the use of equipment-line UPS. If you are using a generator with a short delay UPS, recommended on-line UPS, because the generator voltage and frequency ordinary poor stability, with back-line interactive and it may not work properly. Some brands of UPS (on-line) don't match with the generator, it will switch to bypass power, to understand clearly the time of purchase.

Determine the required lifePo4 batteries backup time: According to the power-down, the equipment required working hours. Time-lapse type battery costs may exceed UPS host itself. Due to the high value of the lifePo4 batteries, there are more counterfeit goods, to select high degree of credibility of suppliers, which UPS system reliability is critical.

Additional features: To improve the reliability of the system by lifePo4 batteries, we recommend using a redundant UPS system, can be considered in series or in parallel heat hot backup redundant. Small capacity UPS (1 ~ 2KVA) can also use redundant switches. You can use remote monitoring panel, realized at the distal end monitoring and control of the UPS work. You can use monitoring software, intelligent management computer and the UPS between. You can choose a network adapter to achieve the UPS network management (based on SNMP). In some rainy thunder area, it can be used with SPD.

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Home Batteries Can Save More Money

Houses with solar that don’t also have energy storage like home batterieshave no way to use the excess electricity generated during the day when the sun is shining and solar energy is in abundance. When households have solar energy they can’t use, it goes back into the power grid. 

Often, power companies pay households for giving back the extra power generated by solar, but not as much as they charge for the same amount of electricity later in the day, when people actually need it. Without a home battery, solar customers end up paying extra for the electricity they generated themselves, which is like paying the power company to store the energy for them so they can use it later. Instead of giving more money to the power companies, why not just store it yourself? With a home battery, solar households have this opportunity.

This eases the workload of power plants, decreases carbon emissions, and saves money for households with solar at the same time. Taking this into consideration, it’s hard to argue against Musk when he says that all solar panel owners need a home battery. Without a home battery to store excess electricity, solar owners continue to throw money and energy at the power companies. Home batteries keep electricity and money in the hands of the consumer.

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How to Know Beforehand Storage Battery Not Work ?

It has been described as a car battery power stations. Battery life is generally 2 - 3 years, if used and maintained properly, it can be used to more than four years. If used and maintained properly, it will damage within a few months earlier.

In use, the battery should be checked periodically height of the electrolyte, in a timely manner to save the battery power status is checked and supplemented. Battery maintenance is relatively simple, good supplement electrolyte batteries and battery poles and piles of clean proportion control, etc., can effectively extend battery life. Due to the widespread use of maintenance-free battery, battery under normal operating conditions, generally do not need maintenance.

1. Clean the external battery
2. Check the battery fluid level
3. The added electrolyte
4. Check the electrolyte specific gravity.

According to charging batteries of different performance tests, it was found inside the battery failure and its causes.

(1) Normal state. When charging the battery, the battery voltage and electrolyte specific gravity are increased according to certain rules, and the electrolyte temperature is not high. This indicates that the battery technology status is normal, but belong to discharge too much should be charged.

(2) State of cure. When the internal battery charging during vulcanization, the initial single cell voltage may rise to about 2.8V, the electrolyte temperature is high, as the charging continues, a few hours later, single cell voltage drops to 2.2V, and later slow rise good battery charging the same law. Serious internal battery cured, single-cell battery voltage will be higher than 2.8V or more, the proportion of electrolyte does not rise, the beginning of charging, the battery will take bubble phenomenon.

(3) Active material shedding. Active substance in a serious loss of battery charging electrolyte turbidity, reduced battery capacity, battery charging time is shorter than normal, and other electrolyte boiling charging ending phenomenon also appeared earlier.

(4) Self-discharge. Self-discharge of the battery, the charging time is longer, the proportion of the electrolyte and the terminal voltage rises slowly. If there is a serious short circuit inside the battery, regardless of how long charging time, the proportion of the electrolyte and the voltage will not rise, and no bubbles batteries, the electrolyte is like a backwater.

Battery hydrometer when green, indicating that the battery is fully charged; presenting "dark" zone, indicating that the battery needs to be charged; presenting "light" zone, then the electrolyte is too low, the battery needs to be replaced has been scrapped.

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Eight Tips to Buy Best UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS is accompanied by the birth of the computer and appears as a computer peripherals, UPS is an energy storage device comprising, as a main element in the inverter, power protection device output voltage frequency stabilization, which can solve the existing power the power, ground voltage, high voltage surges, noise and so on, so that a computer system more secure and reliable. When a user in the selection of UPS, should be determined according to their own requirements of the selection criteria, choose the most suitable use of the UPS, but not the cheapest or most upscale.

Large enterprises in the optional UPS uninterruptible power supply should be aware of the following key indicators:

1, UPS uninterruptible power supply and distribution format many large UPS should adopt Three (380V), three (380V) power distribution formats.

2, Isolation transformer. In order to solve the interference load, zero voltage and isolate problems, generally large UPS comes standard with output isolation transformer, if taking into account the impact on power and interference, optional input isolation transformer.

3, The output voltage unbalance. For UPS, the partial phase regardless of whether the input, the output voltage imbalance as small as possible, should be a three phase power supply to the load.

4, Magnetic compatibility characteristics. Those who passed the EMC test UPS, electronic equipment to reduce pollution of the grid and the radiation on the human body, to avoid affecting the normal operation of other equipment at the same time, UPS also must have the ability to resist interference of other devices.

5, The output power factor. Output power factor is the ability to adapt to the different nature of the load, the output power factor is ideal lead and lag are zero, which indicates that it can take a load of any nature.

6, MTBF. MTBF longer the better.

7, Monitoring software. UPS to be equipped with a fully functional, easy to use monitoring software for domestic users, monitoring interface for the whole Chinese also essential requirements.

8, Battery. Large UPS should have intelligent battery management function, at least should have periodic automatic battery test and battery maintenance, all charge / float automatic conversion, automatic temperature compensation function to extend battery life.

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Why Smart Balancing Scooter Battery Explode ?

Smart balancing scooter battery is the main reason for the explosion. Judging from the current situation on the market smart balancing scooter battery used in opinion, most balancing scooter with 18650 lithium batteries, polymer batteries rarely helpful. There are two reasons to make the battery danger: quality problems and abnormal operations.

Battery quality problems will be investigated to the battery manufacturer's non-standard operation: the lithium battery manufacturers include liquid injection when the amount of injection fluid does not reach the technical requirements, there are security risks resulting lithium batteries; lithium battery liquid injection operator after sealing the problem is not up to par, resulting in poor performance resulting in ball seal drums and so on.

Smart balancing scooter battery is usually mounted on the foot plate above is often stepped on, being kicked, much less than the balance of the scooter with the tablet more frequently. Therefore, the smart balancing scooter battery is more vulnerable to being manhandled damage, any damage will result in poor balance or operating car explosion.

Not only will the battery be damaged in the process of using the Balancing Scooter, as well as battery chargers overcharge can also cause damage to the battery. In addition, the balancing scooter after use, it is recommended set aside in a cool ventilated place, if the ambient temperature around the battery is too high exceed 60 ℃, the lithium battery will overheat, and you can not give it timely, then cooling, lithium battery thermal runaway will fire .

Buy smart balancing scooter, which must pay attention to whether the car balance for quality assurance: China's ISO9001 quality certification, CE certification.

US production for the mart balancing scooter, consumers can follow UL-certification security certification. UL after the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration Health certification, safety testing equipment for a variety of institutions. If the balance of the car charger UL approved, it is unlikely to damage the smart balancing scooter battery. Originator Segway balancing scooter batteries and chargers are built with UL certification.

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Six Ways for Solar Energy Storage Battery Freeze in Winter

In winter, the solar energy storyage battery should take the following conservation measures:

Greenhouse overhead storage batteries when not in the house to save more than 0 ℃, should not be placed directly on the ground. Before storing the first external battery clean, add enough liquid electrolyte, adequate electricity, tighten the plug. After a supplementary charge every month, once every two weeks to check the electrolyte level, and refresh immediately insufficient. Thus, the battery can ensure safe winter.

Progress liquid volume ratio of water and sulfuric acid electrolyte composition, the higher the content of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, the electrolyte specific gravity higher, the lower the freezing temperature of the electrolyte. To this end, the country may be to select the appropriate proportion of the electrolyte according to the local winter minimum temperature, to prevent the electrolyte from freezing.

Enough electricity to keep the state during the winter, when the battery discharge 50%, the risk of electrolyte freezing there. For this reason, the battery discharge level winter does not allow more than 50%. In winter, we should always check the battery save electricity, the shortage should be promptly added.

Progress temperature electrolysis temperature of the electrolyte significant impact on the capacity of the battery, the ambient temperature decrease 1 ℃, the capacity reduction of about 1% - 2%. To this end, the temperature of the electrolyte to progress, should be the locomotive parked indoors, or move into the battery room above 0 ℃.

Water was added to distilled water mixing battery should be uniformly mixed with the electrolyte. If no time mixing well, floating on top of the electrolyte distilled water freezes. To do this winter to add distilled water to the battery, immediately to its charge, while charging or distilled water, electrolyte can quickly mix and distilled water will not freeze up.

Check regularly start the start the system should be checked regularly maintained. Adjustable voltage regulator, the charging voltage is increased to 0.60V. Every time you start not exceed 3 - 5 seconds, the time you start none, should stop 1 minute before start. Long consecutive starts, it will damage the starter motor and battery.

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Battery Lose Effectiveness Modes

Battery Lose Effectiveness Modes
Since the plate type, production conditions, there are differences in usage, and ultimately lead to the battery '> reasons for battery failure is also different, back satisfied them, there are several Lose Effectiveness modes:

1.Corrosion deformation of the positive electrode plate board gate

Alloy currently used on the production of three types of traditional lead-antimony alloy, antimony or ultra-low antimony alloy, lead-calcium. The three cast alloy grid, the battery charging process will be oxidized to lead sulfate and lead dioxide, leading to the loss of the role of supporting the active material of the battery failure; after corrosion due to the formation of lead dioxide layer, of lead alloy to produce stress, the linear grid grow up deformed, and finally the destruction of the whole plate, the active material and grid off poor contact or short circuit at the bus.

2.The positive electrode active material shedding, softening

In addition to grid grow active material loss caused by the outside, with repeated charging and discharging, a combination of lead dioxide between the particles are slack, soften, falling off from the plates. Plate manufacturing, assembly and elastic charge-discharge range of factors, all of the positive electrode active material softening, shedding affected.

3.Irreversible sulfation

Battery discharge, discharge after long-term storage or storage in a discharged state, the plate will dissolve lead sulfate, recrystallization born under one kind of thick, hard to accept the charging of lead sulfate crystals, this phenomenon becomes irreversible sulfation . Severe electrode degradation, can not be charged.

4.Premature loss of capacity

When used as a low-antimony or lead-calcium alloy grid, the battery used in the early stages (about 20 cycles), the emergence of the phenomenon of sudden drop in the capacity of the battery failure.

5.Antimony serious accumulation on the active substance

Antimony positive electrode plate with the charging and discharging cycle, is oxidized to ionic moiety, with the electrolyte to reach the anode active material reduction due to hydrogen ion electrolyte antimony easier than hydrogen reduction born on lead, antimony therefore after accumulation, when most of the current battery charge are used for water decomposition, the battery is not charging properly and failure.

6.Thermal runaway

Since the charging voltage is too high, the current is too large, causing the battery temperature, battery ultimate deformation, cracking and failure.

7.Negative strap corrosion

Under normal circumstances, there is no bus low corrosion problems, but in the valve-sealed batteries, when creating oxygen cycle, the battery upper space filled with basic oxygen, electrolyte separator may also climb along the tabs on the bus, bus alloy will be oxidized naturally lead sulfate, if the bus electrode alloy inappropriate choice of impurities and crevice corrosion along these cracks will deepen, causing the lug and bus disengaged negative plate failure.

8.Membrane perforation caused by a short circuit

Individual species diaphragm aperture greater use may cause a big hole, the active materials can pass through the large hole in the charge and discharge process, resulting in micro-short circuit, the battery failure.

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Solar Power Generation Systems Classification

Solar power generation into off-grid power systems and grid systems:

Off-grid power systems. Mainly consists of solar modules, controller, battery composition, to an AC load, also need to configure AC inverter.
DC power generation system is generated through solar modules and grid-connected inverter converts AC power into the electricity grid in line with the requirements of direct access to the public grid after this. And power generation systems have centralized large-scale power plants are generally national grid station, the main feature is the power can be directly delivered to the grid by grid power to the unified deployment of the user. But this power plant investment, long construction period, large area, the development of a relatively large degree of difficulty. The small and decentralized power generation systems, especially BIPV power system, due to the small investment, quick construction, small footprint, large policy support, etc., is the grid of the mainstream.
Pros and Cons of Solar Energy System


  • Solar energy inexhaustible, solar radiation the Earth's surface to accept to meet global energy demand 10,000 times. As long as the installation of solar photovoltaic systems in the global 4% desert, the generated electricity to meet global needs. Solar energy safe, reliable, does not suffer from the energy crisis or the impact of the fuel market instability;
  • Solar energy widely available at the nearest power supply, do not have long-distance transportation, avoid the loss of long-distance transmission lines;
  • Solar energy without fuel, low operating costs;
  • Solar power has no moving parts, easy to use damage, easy maintenance, particularly suitable for unattended use;
  • Solar power does not produce any waste, no pollution, noise pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, it is an ideal clean energy;
  • Solar power systems, short construction period, convenient and flexible, and can increase or decrease depending on the load, any add or reduce the solar capacity of the square, to avoid wastage.


  • Ground applications are intermittent and random, electricity production and climatic conditions, at night or rainy days can not or rarely generate electricity;
  • Low energy density, under standard conditions, received on the ground solar radiation intensity 1000W / M ^ 2. Large size, it needs to occupy a large area;
  • The price is still more expensive, conventional power generation from 3 to 15 times higher initial investment.

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Why Lithium Polymer Battery So Popular

The lithium-ion battery electrolyte material different from the lithium-ion battery is divided into liquid lithium-ion battery (Liquified Lithium-Ion Battery, referred to as LIB) and lithium-ion polymer battery (Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery, referred to as the PLB) with lithium or plastic ion battery (Plastic Lithium ion batteries, referred to as the PLB). Anode and cathode materials used in lithium-ion polymer battery with liquid lithium-ion is the same, divided into cathode material of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, LifePo4 ternary materials and materials, graphite is extremely negative, the battery works basically consistent. The main difference lies in the different electrolytes, liquid lithium-ion battery using a liquid electrolyte, lithium-ion polymer battery Zeyi solid polymer electrolyte to replace, such polymers can be "dry state", it can be "colloidal" currently most using a polymer gel electrolyte.


Solid: The solid polymer electrolyte lithium ion batteries and polymer electrolyte is a mixture of salts, such cells at high room temperature ionic conductivity, can be used at room temperature.

Gel: gel polymer electrolyte lithium ion batteries i.e., plasticizers and other additives added to the solid polymer electrolyte, thereby improving ionic conductivity, so that the battery can be used at room temperature.

Polymer: As the solid electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte, as compared with liquid lithium-ion batteries, polymer lithium ion battery having a thin shape, and of any area of any shape, etc., so you can use plastic composite film manufacturing batteries housing, which can improve the ratio of the entire battery capacity; polymer lithium-ion polymer battery can be also used as a cathode material, its quality will be improved by more than 20 percent more energy than the current liquid lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion polymer (Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery) battery has a small, thin, lightweight characteristics. Thus, the polymer battery market share will gradually increase.

Polymer lithium ion battery has the following characteristics:
Shaping flexibility;
Higher quality than the energy (3 times the MH-Ni batteries);
The electrochemical stability window wide, up to 5V;
Perfect safety and reliability;
Longer cycle life, less capacity loss;
Volume utilization is high;

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What is Solar Energy Generation System

Solar power generation systems, also known as solar power systems, solar energy is converted to electrical energy through the solar charge controller to power the load, while to the battery pack.


Solar power generation systems, also known as solar power systems, solar energy is converted to electrical energy through the solar charge controller to power the load, while giving the battery pack; in the absence of sunlight through the solar charge controller from the battery to the DC load power supply, but also the battery directly to the individual inverter power supply, through a separate inverter is inverted into AC power to the AC load.

System Principle

Sun light in the semiconductor p-n junction, forming a new hole - electron pairs, under the action of p-n junction of the electric field, holes from the n region to the p region, electrons from the p region to the n region, after turning the circuit form a current. This is the photovoltaic solar cell works.

A solar power generation solar power in two ways, one is light - heat - electricity conversion mode, the other is light - electric direct conversion method.

(1) light - heat - electricity conversion mode through the use of thermal power generated by solar radiation, usually from the solar collectors to heat absorbed by the working fluid is converted into steam, and then drive steam turbine power generation. Before a process is light - thermal conversion process; after a process is heat - electricity conversion process.

(2) light - electric direct conversion approach is the use of the photoelectric effect, the direct conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy, light - the basic electrical conversion device is a solar cell. Since the solar cell is a photovoltaic effect and solar energy directly into electrical energy device, a semiconductor photodiode, when the sun light to the photodiode, the photodiode will be the sun's light energy into electrical energy generated current. When the number of batteries connected in series or parallel can become a relatively large output power of the PV array.

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Ternary Lithium Battery Advantages and Disadvantages


Since early 2014, all aspects of lithium ternary material constantly modified, increasing the number of cycles, the current appropriate increase in the cost of already more than 1500 times, and the safety performance of lithium ternary material is constantly improving, more and more close to LifePo4. The past two years the emerging new nickel-cobalt-aluminum ternary materials, although in the battery manufacturing process on the environment are higher, but the stability and security further enhanced, as recognized by many battery factory, trial production.

High voltage platform. Voltage platform is an important indicator of the battery energy density, determines the basic performance and cost of the battery, so the choice of battery materials, has important significance. Voltage platform, the greater capacity than certainly the same size, weight, even when the battery pack is the same, a relatively high voltage platform mileage lithium ternary material farther. Ternary materials platform significantly higher voltage than LifePo4, high line can reach 4.2 volts, the discharge platform can reach 3.6 or 3.7 volts.
  • High energy density
  • High tap density
Ternary lithium battery energy density, cycle performance better than normal lithium cobalt oxide. Now, with the continuous improvement and improve the structure of a recipe, the nominal battery voltage has reached 3.7V, the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt oxide.

  • Poor in security
  • High temperature difference
  • Low life cycle
  • High-power discharge difference
Toxic elements (after a sharp rise in the temperature of the charge and discharge ternary lithium battery-power, high-temperature release oxygen very easy to burn)

Power lithium ternary material mainly nickel and cobalt aluminum lithium battery, nickel, cobalt and manganese lithium batteries, due to high temperature nickel-cobalt-aluminum structure is unstable, resulting in poor high-temperature safety and high pH monomer flatulence easy to make, and then dangerous and the current high cost.

Compare Ternary and LifePo4 Battery

In recent years, new energy vehicles are booming, domestic battery industry to promote the explosive growth of the core power battery electric vehicles, electric vehicles using LifePo4 batteries are ternary lithium battery, LifePo4 mainly discussed below ternary lithium battery advantages and disadvantages.

At present, new energy vehicles, the main use of LifePo4 batteries, but limited theoretical energy density LifePo4 batteries, LifePo4 monomer energy density of 120Wh / kg, after the group energy density of 80Wh / kg, So now companies are actively developing higher energy density lithium phosphate material ferromanganese new power lithium battery. The three yuan higher battery energy density, ternary lithium battery energy density of the monomer 180Wh / kg, after a group of 110Wh / kg, corresponding market have obvious advantages. Therefore, in terms of energy density, three better than the LifePo4 lithium battery.

Speaking from the safety of LifePo4 batteries has more advantages than three yuan. The reason is that nickel-cobalt-aluminum ternary material 18650 Chaoguo 180 ℃ will self-heating, it is difficult to control after the fire, while the LifePo4 material to 250 ℃ exothermic phenomenon will occur. From the cycle of life in terms of LifePo4 battery quite ternary, single cell cycle life of more than 3000, after the group, because the work environment is complex, life has declined.

In general, the theoretical energy density LifePo4 is limited, there is no room for improvement, and three yuan lithium battery there is still much room for improvement, but three yuan battery safety LifePo4 does not high, both circulation life considerably. Because both have advantages and disadvantages, so the applications are different. Battery battery enterprises should pay more attention to safety, to strengthen the production monitoring, strict quality assurance, in order to ensure the safe use of new energy vehicles and multiply employment safety.

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Difference LifePo4 Battery and Ternary Battery

Lithium battery electric car is one of the most common types of batteries, although its inception in 1970, the time is not long, but with a high energy density, long cycle life and other characteristics quickly occupied the vast majority of electric vehicle battery market part of country. Today, in the sale of electric vehicles with lithium batteries mainly have two kinds of LifePo4 and lithium three yuan. So ternary LifePo4 battery which different but it?

Battery power is the core of electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles are the only source of driving energy is directly related to the power performance, battery life of electric vehicles, but also directly related to the safety of electric vehicles. The cost of new energy vehicles constituted, the battery-powered systems accounted for 30-50% of the cost of new energy vehicles. And since the birth of electric vehicles, battery technology has restricted the practical process of electric vehicles. Increase power density, energy density, life and cost reduction has been the core of electric vehicle battery technology research and development.

Lithium battery electric car is one of the most common types of batteries, although its inception in 1970, the time is not long, but with a high energy density, long cycle life and other characteristics quickly occupied the vast majority of electric vehicle battery market part of country. Today, in the sale of electric vehicles with lithium batteries mainly have two kinds of LifePo4 and lithium three yuan.

What is the difference ternary LifePo4 batteries have it?

Outline Package

Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into a square battery, soft pack batteries and cylindrical batteries.

Material system

The current mainstream of LifePo4 battery, battery ternary materials, respectively, are defined by LifePo4 and ternary materials as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. Ternary material refers Ni, Co, Mn or Ni, Co, Al three metal elements as the core element of the cathode material.


LifePo4 monomer, the energy density of 120Wh / kg, after the group was 80Wh / kg; three yuan lithium monomer, the energy density of 180Wh / kg, after a set of energy density 110Wh / kg. From the data point of view, in terms of energy density, three better than the LifePo4 lithium battery; in cycle life, the two equivalent single cell cycle life of greater than 3000 times the battery group, due to the use of working condition becomes severe and complicated, there will be some reduction in life expectancy, the battery life of six years, equivalent to 150,000 kilometers. EV200 battery used ternary lithium battery.

Currently the energy density of LifePo4 has basically reached the ultimate theory, the energy density of the battery as well as three yuan a lot of room for improvement. Comprehensive capacity density, power density, cycle life, low temperature performance, etc., the overall performance is better than three yuan battery LifePo4 batteries.

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What is Ternary Polymer Lithium Battery

Brief Introduction

Terpolymers lithium electrode material is corrected using lithium batteries - Mn lithium nickel cobalt cathode materials, lithium ion battery cathode material there are many, mainly lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese, nickel, lithium, ternary material , LifePo4. Currently ternary material batteries instead of lithium cobalt oxide core before the widespread use of laptop batteries widely used in the field of hair.


Nominal Capacity: 1250mAh Standard discharge continuous current: 0.2C
Maximum continuous discharge current: 0.5C
Discharge: -20 ~ 60 ℃
Size: MAX 9.5 * 35 * 52mm
Finished resistance: ≤150mΩ
Lead Model: GB wire UL1007 / 24 #, line length 55mm
Protection parameters: overcharge protection voltage / per string 4.325 ± 0.025V
Over-discharge protection voltage 2.5 ± 0.05V
Overcurrent value: 2 ~ 4A


In terms of the capacity and safety of the material more balanced, normal cycle performance better than lithium cobalt oxide, preliminary technical reasons only its nominal voltage 3.5-3.6V, be limited in terms of scope, but so far, with the formula constantly improve and perfect structure, the nominal battery voltage has reached 3.7V, the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt oxide.


The world's five major brand batteries SANYO, PANASONIC, SONY, LG, SAMSUNG has introduced batteries, a considerable part of the notebook battery cable ternary materials have replaced the previous lithium batteries with cobalt ternary materials, batteries, SANYO, SAMSUNG batteries column is halted and turned three yuan lithium batteries cobalt batteries manufactured at home and abroad of small high-rate battery power most of the ternary cathode material.

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