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Friday, 30 January 2015

Li(NiCoMn)O2 lithium Era, Chinese Enterprises How to do?

According to a survey in 2014 showed that the development path from the electric energy, the hybrid is not around the last stage in the more distant future, electric cars can become mainstream route, the most critical is to see mileage can follow up. To enhance the pure electric car Mileage solve mileage anxiety, there are many ways, such as the vehicle's weight, more intelligent battery management system, but the most fundamental, or in the battery itself.

January 24, in the new global energy vehicles on the General Assembly in Tianjin to have a battery-themed salon. From the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Henan lithium-moving power, Tianjin Lishen, Celgard (products for battery separators) and Boston battery power battery guests to development and technology options were discussed, and in this Sharon reflected in the pieces of information is very interesting.

Rise of LiNiCoMnO2 lithium battery

"Given the choice of lithium battery materials, the fundamental problem is. Greater energy density on energy density, better mileage solve the problem, then the other problems can be overcome."

This is the scene guests to answer when asked about what kind of lithium batteries become more mainstream. LiNiCoMnO2 in energy density lithium iron phosphate lithium relative has a natural advantage, but as technology advances, the security issues have been improved, the tendency within the industry is even more apparent.

Originally domestic battery in the power market, the mainstream is lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium iron phosphate prices are relatively cheap, good security, large magnification, the charge-discharge cycle life better, is very suitable for the use of electric vehicles in China a few years ago the battery is also mostly gone the route of lithium iron phosphate. However, with the improvement of the ternary lithium battery safety issues, domestic battery manufacturers also began to tend to LiNiCoMnO2 lithium route.

Currently ternary material used is 1: 1 structure, the structure is more stable, more mature preparing ternary material types: 1. Currently ternary lithium production through the electrolyte and a special ceramic membrane technology. Ceramic membrane may be spaced a short circuit in the battery internal short circuit source, thereby significantly improving the safety performance of ternary lithium batteries.

After solving security bottleneck, ternary lithium batteries high energy density, low-cost advantage is revealed itself. Low energy density lithium iron phosphate, the greater the weight of the same capacity heavier volume, seriously affecting the electric car's battery life, while the ternary lithium much better.

In the discharge rate, although not as good as the ternary lithium iron phosphate lithium, but pure electric vehicle battery capacity, most of the electrical power is not too large, the case of high-rate discharge rarely reveal the obvious shortcomings.

In terms of life expectancy, ternary lithium iron phosphate lithium battery is better, but users tend to be more concerned about the initial purchase cost, and less attention to the replacement cost of the battery, and the battery industry trend watching, along with the expansion of production capacity, the price of lithium per year are on the decline, true to the need to replace the battery pack when the high cost may not be imagined.

Advantages and disadvantages shift. Beiqi new energy listed EV200 and ES210 two electric cars to give lithium iron phosphate line, for ternary lithium batteries. In the next period of time, LiNiCoMnO2 rise in power lithium battery market is irresistible. However, Dr. Xiao Chengwei from the 18th Research Institute, also said of the ternary lithium batteries are frequently raised, not only because of high energy density, but also because of its current development has matured, will reappear new future lithium battery type, and then the selection criteria is still the energy density, the number of high bidder.

Advancing international giant Chinese market

In this piece of battery power, Chinese enterprises should have and like other businesses, enjoying Chinese-made low-cost, competitive in price. However, with the new energy automotive industry is optimistic about the industry's giants eyeing China's battery market. Boston is one of the battery, which has factories producing batteries in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, and said it will focus on the Chinese market, increase productivity through cost-sharing approach, reducing the cost of lithium batteries.

International giants compared to domestic enterprises in advanced technology and equipment or to some. And its raw materials from domestic access (According to the site broke the news, and even some raw materials companies sold to foreign firms selling price is lower than the domestic manufacturers), the production base in the country, enjoy cheap Chinese labor and land taxes, and other resources, product prices even can even lower than domestic manufacturers.

And international giants behind strong capital support, not afraid of short-term losses, from a strategic point of view can play a very long period of price wars, which makes domestic enterprises are facing a serious threat.

Power battery industry is developing rapidly, although the overall plate small but great potential foreign giants already eyeing this market, Chinese manufacturers face challenges.

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