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Monday, 29 December 2014

Spain graphene battery next year will be put into eight minutes to fully charge an electric car

According to the Spanish "World News" website on December 4 news, the main reason of manufacturers to abandon production of electric vehicle is battery power. The industry requires increasing the effectiveness and duration of the battery to reduce the charging time. This vexing problem can be solved immediately. Spain Graphenano company (an industrial-scale production of graphene companies) cooperation with the University of Cordoba, Spain's first developed a polymeric material graphene battery. Next year the company will be put into production. Four German car manufacturing company in two (and now can not transparent company name) will be tested in this month with the battery and electric vehicles.

In 2004, at the University of Manchester graphene chant Dr. Andre Heim and Dr. Konstantin Novoselov two common found that this substance has amazing performance, it is thin, superconductors, high transparency, and very hard. Although these years it was believed that this material will bring a major change in the battery field, but in fact it is very difficult to put into production a lot. However, in 2012 the company became the world's first Graphenano an industrial-scale production of graphene companies. Since then, the company is mainly engaged in the research to accelerate the application of this is known as "God's Material". Finally used it to make a battery.

This new technology will make graphene polymer. Its strength lies in its energy density, duration, charging speed, weight and price. The company's vice president stressed: "It is for the aviation industry, the automobile industry, the computer industry and the energy industry will mean a leap of discovery, it can greatly increase the efficiency of the industry, and some imagination can become possible before."

This new product, with far more superior performance to other products on the market. A lithium battery (with the most advanced subject) than the energy value of 180wh / kg, while a graphene battery energy is more than 600wh / kg. In other words, it is three times the storage capacity of the best products on the market today.

This battery life is long, it is the life of conventional hydride battery four times, twice lithium battery. Use it to provide electricity for the electric car can travel up to 1,000 kilometers. And it takes less than a full charge time of eight minutes.

Characteristics of graphene also makes the battery weight can be reduced to half the conventional batteries. This can increase the efficiency of the battery loading machine. Cordoba University are studying how to reduce the battery size to make the battery look more perfect. Because graphene density is too large, currently only used in electric vehicles (including cars and boats, etc.). The research team hopes in the future be able to reduce its volume makes them able to apply it to electronic devices such as cell phones.

Another advantage is the low cost of graphene. This battery production company said its cost lower than 77% of lithium batteries. Consumers who can afford the price. Therefore, it can be used for some of the existing equipment and vehicles, avoiding and infrastructure is not adapted to the problem.

Cordoba University has successfully created a prototype of such a battery. In the first quarter is expected to be able to 2015 will promote the use of such batteries in Spain. And the previously mentioned two German car company will use the technology to test and accelerate the implementation of the work on the car.

Comments: 8 minutes full of an electric car, life 1000 km, this is not a fantasy, but the Spanish "World News" website emphatic words, but also the production of it next year, which is called from as "God material" graphene, graphene year in battery industry set off a wave of small, but compared to laboratory attractive hypothesis, or hope graphene battery can be commercial as soon as possible, rather than pushing electric car swept away wide embarrassment. At the same time concerned about the revolutionary advances in lithium batteries, lithium batteries do not put the most important safety forget this point. Inhibition of lithium dendrites that progress in lithium battery safety technology breakthroughs.