Sunday, 24 May 2015

10400 mAh USB battery with water and shock resisting

This UNIFUN USB battery is the sturdiest pack I've found and my favorite portable battery yet. It is perfect for use on a bicycle, motorcycle or camping.

I do not trust the charging system on one of my motorcycles, and for long road trips apps like Waze and evidently the podcast player run down my iPhone 6 pretty fast. Over a multi-day trip, this pack allows several full recharges of my phone. It is also small and tough enough to allow me to put the battery in the handlebar mount, and ride with the two connected. I'm not worried the constant buzzing of my bars, or random rainstorms, will damage the battery.

While slightly larger than its less rugged cousins, this battery will hold up to some adventure. It offers 2 USB charging ports, one a higher speed 5v/2.1A and one the other 1.5v/1A, and a flashlight.

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