Thursday, 5 March 2015

Apple was sued by Electric Car Battery Manufacturer

Apple is working with an electric car battery manufacturer to discuss together to solve the legal proceedings, this battery manufacturer accused Apple of illegal employment of their key engineers, and work for Apple's new battery business.

A123 Systems filed in Massachusetts last month to federal court lawsuit against Apple and five former employees of A123 Systems, which several Apple employees now work. The lawsuit against Apple in the last year has taken "aggressive actions", which won over the implementation of key development and testing activities of employees. The lawsuit seems to provide further evidence that Apple has developed an electric vehicle that goal.

On Tuesday, Apple has made an application to the court, and they hope to get more time to respond to the lawsuit, they said it is exploring alternatives and potential plaintiffs plan to solve this problem.

A123 Systems is committed to developing an energy storage system that is suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including advanced energy storage for electric vehicles. A123 Systems for the bus company to build lithium-ion hybrid system to any other manufacturer in the world to be more than.

Apple hired five employees accused of execution in the lawsuit with Apple in the same function, in violation of the employees to sign non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Although in many US states that non-compete clause in the law is enforced without, but in Massachusetts, which is A123 Systems is allowed to sue the place of the agreement.

Apple rumors began to develop electric cars last month, rumors indicate that Apple is the formation of a team responsible for the design of electric vehicles, this team is by Tesla and other auto companies to recruit people who co-founded. And A123 Systems developed technology will be the key technology for electric cars on the roads.

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