Friday, 6 March 2015

How to Save Power for Your Iphone6? Iphone6 Saving Power Tips

1, Note the signal strength
One culprit phone battery consumption is often quick search weak signal, but for us, but there is no way. If you are in a relatively poor signal areas, consider temporarily switch to flight mode, not iPhone constantly searching weak signal. Also Wi-Fi can be used under the conditions as much as possible with Wi-Fi, cellular data equally unstable cell phone battery will bring relatively large consumption.

2, closed useless notification center applications
Many applications in the notification center will continue to push the message that you really need it? I think most people are not yes. Each application will consume little power push notifications, so we have to cut off the source. To "Settings", "Notification Center" go close it, and do not forget to turn off the sound alerts and icon.
3, change the display settings
Display is power-hungry, and therefore do not have the time necessary to make it fast closing. To "Settings", "universal", "auto lock screen" in the look, will automatically lock the time to adjust to the relatively short range. In addition, we can also to set the brightness of the wallpaper and close the "Auto Brightness" adjustment, so that the screen is always in a state under a relatively dark, you can also save a lot of power, after all, we only need a relatively large in the case of direct sunlight brightness, and this situation does not always occur relatively.
4. Disable animation
If you do not cold dynamic background and visual difference, 3D effects, then the same can be closed off. Although they look interesting, but also consume more power. We can go to the set of "wallpaper and brightness", select a static image as wallpaper, and in the "General", "Accessibility" close animation.
5, reduce application background refresh
People like between different applications constantly switching back and forth, but you know too many applications running in the background is also very power it? You can close out the background to set the refresh most applications. This is particularly true in the background refresh Facebook application, really special power. Reload each time you want to use, is a more effective method of saving.
6, collect email manually
Push e-mail first thing for some people it is very convenient, but also depends on whether or not to open the frequency and intensity of your e-mail. If we allow the system to receive five minutes once every mailing list in the background than to manually refresh a lot more power. Suppose if you only need a few hours to see a mailbox for each can, then there is no need to let the system automatically collect e-mail in the background. To get to the settings to adjust it.
7, close positioning
Unless it is a map so you must use the positioning application, otherwise location tracking in fact not much use, it is also very power-hungry features.
To "Settings", "Privacy" in the closed position location services, or keep those applications must be positioned, the other useless are turned off. In addition, "Location Services" in the "System Services", there are many built-in functions can be canceled positioning systems, such as location-based advertising iAd based diagnosis and dosage reminders and location and so on.
8, keeping the environment cool
Also affect the temperature of the battery life, do not take iPhone6 put under direct sunlight. When play the big game, or watching online videos, mobile phone batteries can also cause fever, may wish to stop and take a break, so that the temperature decreases and then continue it.
9. Turn off Automatic Updates
Generally, either the application or system update will bring new features, but always automatically updated, will consume electricity at inopportune times. To the "Settings" in the closed iOS system, automatic updates, and "iTunes and App Store" closes the application automatically download the update, it will also save power, even if the hand update, but also choose the next Wi-Fi environment.
10, turn off Siri
If you do not regularly use Siri, you can go to the "Settings", "universal" in the turn off Siri, because when you're not careful it does not touch the Home key to retrieve the start Siri.
11, turn off the vibration
In the "Settings", "voice" can choose to turn off vibration, while the "Mail" set in vibration close the new e-mail alert, doing so will really save you a lot of power.
12, turn off iCloud
We enter into iCloud setup, you will look at cloud sync you will consume a lot of data and power, of course, the case that you can connect the phone back on the charger sync iCloud backups can also be a very good save important data.
In fact, we often feel that their phone is power, why was not any electricity on out shabu, in fact, many times this is with some of your habits with the machine, we want to get rid of those bad habits with the machine, we recommend you Some applications do not back off, to reduce unnecessary start-up items, I hope that today's 12 iPhone6 saving tips for you to help.

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