Monday, 29 June 2015

Micro transparent ultra thin batteries luanched with 10 microns thickness

In our lives, we have become accustomed to a variety of different types of batteries, from AA to AAA battery, and the tablet battery applicated on various calculators and watches, as well as smart phones square lithium battery.But these batteries are not light and thin enough,while the thickness of the capacity and products is also a very big limitation. But now  there is a holographic micro battery come out. This ultra thin battery is different from the traditional batteries with only 10 microns thickness.

In fact, researchers and major companies have been a long time dedicated to the next generation of the development of new battery technology, and this new holographic micro-battery is very worthy of attention.The engineer teams of Illinois University show the prototype of the battery, its width is only 2 mm, thickness of only 10 microns.

This cell's area is ​​only 4 mm2, while only 12% performance degradation.The researchers said that this battery can be able to integrate with current manufacturing technology, perfect for large-scale applications in the microelectronics and chips, medical implants sensors and wireless transmitters, etc included. And this is definitely regarded as a big step forward in the field of battery technology.

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