Thursday, 9 April 2015

About the past era of lithium aluminum battery age will come up?

Chinese American scientists have developed a high-performance aluminum battery's first commercial application, its charge faster, last longer and very cheap, just one minute using this smart phone battery is fully charged. The new battery can replace the widely used but there is still insufficient lithium ion batteries and alkaline batteries. Research published in the April 6 issue of "Nature" magazine online edition.

Because aluminum battery has a low cost, easy to burn and do not have a high charge storage capacity, etc., for decades researchers have attempted to develop an economically viable to aluminum ion batteries, but has not been successful, where the key challenge is to find the right positive materials and electrolyte materials, so that the aluminum battery is constantly charging and discharging cycles can still produce an effective voltage.

The study's lead author, professor of chemistry at Stanford University Dai said: "People try a variety of cathode materials, but the effect is unsatisfactory we accidentally discovered a new graphite material, which has excellent performance, can be used as a positive electrode of the battery. "

According to the US Science Daily website reported April 6, and the cathode is comprised of graphite researchers in experiments by aluminum anode, coupled with the ionic liquid electrolyte, placed in a flexible polymer foil-wrapped software package in the manufacture of this battery. The research collaborators Gong Ming (phonetic) said: "The electrolyte is basically a liquid salt at room temperature state, therefore, the entire system is very safe."

Dai Hongjie said: "The newly developed aluminum rechargeable batteries safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries, lithium ion batteries may explode, in order to take preventive measures, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines recently forbid civil aircraft checked chunks Lithium batteries, aluminum battery will not explode. On the other hand, is currently equipped with a lithium-ion battery charging smartphones may take several hours, but the use of this aluminum battery for a fully charged cell phone just a minute. "

Aluminum ion battery developed at the University of domestic mobile phone charger available one hour four days

In addition, the new battery life is very long. Other laboratory developed aluminum battery can charge and discharge 100 times, usually lithium-ion battery charge and discharge up to only 1000, and the new aluminum battery without any loss in capacity after 7500 charge-discharge cycles later. The researchers said, "This is the first time the development of this fast, and after thousands of charge-discharge cycles 'torture' still safe and sound after the aluminum ion batteries."

Dai Hongjie said that another feature of the new battery is its soft figure, you can also make it bent its folded, therefore, has the potential for flexible electronic devices. In addition, the battery can replace alkaline batteries will pollute the environment, but also cheaper than aluminum lithium battery. "In addition to small electronic devices, such aluminum battery can be used for renewable energy storage within the grid Dai Hongjie explained:." Grid requires a long life and can quickly charge and discharge the battery, our aluminum battery is the perfect choice . "

However, the voltage of the battery to produce new aluminum lithium battery is only half of the traditional, Dai Hongjie hope can improve the performance of the cathode material, and ultimately improve the aluminum battery voltage and increase the energy density. .

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