Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Do not kill your battery! Electronic products Battery cold literacy

Today's electronic products no longer use the 5th battery to be replaced, the charge is brought more convenience and more serious cell phone addiction, but the correct way to use your battery it? The following article will reveal the dark side of your battery.

cold knowledge: new phone's battery charge in the end should be how long?
I am sure you have heard of such a legend: the first time to buy a new phone on charge must be charged 10 hours, so as to be expanded to the maximum capacity of the battery, the battery will be durable. Is it true?
Generally speaking, this view is held by parents' generation of people, that's them, a lot of old electronic products using a nickel-cadmium batterythat is characterized by "memory effect", that no long-term complete charge and discharge will allow the battery to leave a "habit" lead to a decline in the efficiency of the battery.
But today's electronic products already do not use nickel-cadmium type batteries, but all replaced by a lithium battery, lithium batteries, however, and no so-called "memory effect", with electronic products are now after the device is fully charged automatically cut off the power supply, So you dash for longer does not make sense.
So the answer to this question is that the new phone or, old phone or, full, please unplug it.
 cold knowledge II: battery run out before charging must take it?
Many people are used to the electronic products before charging the battery completely run out, in the off state began to charge, in fact, this is influenced by the nickel-cadmium battery memory effect.
For lithium batteries, there is another phenomenon called cell activity:a new lithium battery and can not play all the utility you want to use for some time after most of the lithium-ion activated in order to achieve the best results, and thorough discharge is the biggest killer inhibitory activity.
In general, the best power electronics products is 20% to 90%, so the phone at around 20% power to trouble charging it.
 cold knowledge Three: You can use the phone while charging it?
The problem is the party most likely to encounter a lot of phones, because the lack of electricity, often connected to the power supply after continued use, but it actually is a very dangerous move.
In playing the game, call these processes, the phone will have a serious fever, while charging the phone will also promote fever, when both simultaneously, it may cause the battery to overheat explosion, the explosion occurred once, maybe you would never the opportunity to use a mobile phone.
Although there are some very small daily problems, but if you pay attention, it will greatly shorten the battery life, which is why someone with a cell phone can also spend one day a year, six months before you have your cell phone hanging spank bottles.
Love is not only a mobile phone handset battery charge is responsible for your own life, oh.

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