Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Do you know the real reason for the lithium battery performance degradation it?

Li-ion battery has now been widely used in mobile devices, but the battery life is not long, 500 charging cycles will lose about 1/5 of capacity. In order to study the reasons for the lithium battery degradation, the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientist using a powerful microscope to observe the success of the real-time status of the lithium battery charge and discharge.

The researchers found that when using the battery creates pressure and cause rupture electrode. In addition, for each charge and discharge cycle will leave traces of lithium electrode in addition to these "death" of lithium which can no longer play a role in the future of charging, and will cause a decline in battery capacity. The researchers also observed in the solid electrolyte interphase layer is formed on the electrode surface, which can "clog" the battery and affect its ability to charge.
Lithium who want to solve these problems, the use of alternative methods is one of the elements. In the future, magnesium, aluminum, or copper and other metals could become cheaper and stable alternative, however, the performance of these batteries is still not up to the level of lithium batteries.

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