Thursday, 4 June 2015

10 tips to make Apple Watch life last longer


It's not really a problem for me that the run out of my Apple Watch battery life. This is never an issue for me. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn’t know how to get more out of your battery. Here's what to do...


You should disable those snippets of information you get when you swipe your Apple Watch grab data from your iPhone. Although these information don't use too much energy, but just do so if you will need more battery life. Do so in My Watch>Glances, where you just need to tap the red minus button beside any less important apps.


Turn off unwanted notifications – this makes sense because each new notification you receive will launch the Taptic Engine, which uses a little power to give you motion feedback. Limit notifications to only your most essential info in My Watch>Notifications where you can flick those you don’t need to mirror to off.


Reduce Transparency and use the Reduce Motion tool in My Watch>General> Accessibility, you will lose some of the visual appeal of the product but you might get a few critical minutes.

Turn your Apple Watche display to Grayscale in My Watch>General>Accessibility, this can same a lot of power.


Launch the Settings app on your watch, open Sounds & Haptics and turn Prominent Haptics to Off. You may also save a little more power by reducing Haptic Strength using the slide control in Sounds & Haptics. My Watch>Sounds & Haptics is the place to go to limit the energy your watch uses giving you haptic feedback.

Volume & brightness

Reduce Alert Volume and display brightness in the Sounds & Haptic settings to make your watch a little longer. You can do so on either your watch or iPhone.


Disable the automatically download any aiavilable Apple Watch equivalents of any apps you have installed on your iPhone. You can do so in General> Automatic Downloads, toggle the Automatically Download Apps button to off.


Your Watch uses power when it tracks your workouts using its built-in sensors. Launch My Watch>Workout and toggle Show Goal Metric to off and enable Power saving Mode to disable the heart rate sensor. While doing so means calorie burn calculations will be less accurate, you will save a little more battery life.

Airplane Mode

Enabling this mode (in the Connected frame) on your Apple Watch or iPhone will immediately apply it to the companion device. You will still be able to use some apps but you will no longer receive messages, alerts or calls on either device.

Power Reserve

Your last option to keep your watch working, Power Reserve, is accessed when you  press the side button on the Watch until the power dialog appears. Just tap Power Reserve to enable this – now your Apple Watch will only do one thing for you, tell the time. But perhaps that’s all you needed, after all.

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