Tuesday, 6 January 2015

For Southeast lithium layout of the new energy vehicle market

Recently, lithium industrialization process Zhejiang Southeast Inc., a wholly owned branch company Zhejiang Southeast Green Sea New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. further, a number of energy automotive industry enterprises to examine the intention of the company to cooperate, industry insiders pointed out that "Southeast" to promote the application of lithium batteries in the new energy vehicles, lithium battery development of relevant industries will bring new opportunities.

"China's lithium battery industry is about to usher in a new period of growth markets, Southeast lithium project has entered the production phase, and new energy automotive industry market-oriented degree combination can further enhance the product." Green Sea Southeast New Energy Ltd. relevant person in charge said that the current size of the domestic market than the top five in several new energy vehicles has reached a preliminary cooperation.


It is understood that a large investment in the southeast invest 796 million annual 300 million Ah lithium energy projects have been completed, has entered mass production stage. At the same time, its annual output of 8000 tons Southeast temperature thin film capacitors second production line project has been put into trial production stage.

At the same time, is in a critical period of change in the industrial chain of lithium battery industry will further release of a huge market space. Insiders pointed out that Tesla boom triggered, giving unprecedented imagination lithium industry, will actively promote the development of China's new energy automobile stage, but also to the southeast as the representative of a large lithium-related market opportunities in emerging enterprises, promote the deepening of the downstream industry chain development.

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