Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ultra High Energy Density Lithium-ion Cylindrical Battery

High energy density, single battery energy density of 220Wh / kg or more, by cell materials and battery systems design solution enables high-energy quantization 18650 battery, including:

High specific capacity high nickel cobalt manganese lithium nickel or nickel-cobalt-aluminum material lithium cathode material and high specific capacity artificial graphite or silicon-carbon anode materials; and the development of adaptation with a high voltage for a silicon negative electrode and an electrolyte electrolyte materials, battery materials through system integration and optimization, to improve battery energy density and good cycle stability, improve the cost-effective use of 18650-type battery;

Reducing the thickness of the positive and negative current collector; to solve the battery safety problem by coating the negative type collector, reducing non-electrochemically active material while ensuring battery safety performance, taking into account the electrochemical performance and safety to meet the electric car the need to use;

Optimization of cell structure, reduce the amount of conductive agent and a binder, the amount of the membrane, reducing the mass and volume of the electrochemically active material of the battery Central Africa, to improve the energy density of the battery.

This article comes from http://www.storagebattery-factory.com/news/ultra-high-energy-density-lithium-ion-cylindrical-battery.html.

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