Sunday, 25 September 2016

Why Smart Balancing Scooter Battery Explode ?

Smart balancing scooter battery is the main reason for the explosion. Judging from the current situation on the market smart balancing scooter battery used in opinion, most balancing scooter with 18650 lithium batteries, polymer batteries rarely helpful. There are two reasons to make the battery danger: quality problems and abnormal operations.

Battery quality problems will be investigated to the battery manufacturer's non-standard operation: the lithium battery manufacturers include liquid injection when the amount of injection fluid does not reach the technical requirements, there are security risks resulting lithium batteries; lithium battery liquid injection operator after sealing the problem is not up to par, resulting in poor performance resulting in ball seal drums and so on.

Smart balancing scooter battery is usually mounted on the foot plate above is often stepped on, being kicked, much less than the balance of the scooter with the tablet more frequently. Therefore, the smart balancing scooter battery is more vulnerable to being manhandled damage, any damage will result in poor balance or operating car explosion.

Not only will the battery be damaged in the process of using the Balancing Scooter, as well as battery chargers overcharge can also cause damage to the battery. In addition, the balancing scooter after use, it is recommended set aside in a cool ventilated place, if the ambient temperature around the battery is too high exceed 60 ℃, the lithium battery will overheat, and you can not give it timely, then cooling, lithium battery thermal runaway will fire .

Buy smart balancing scooter, which must pay attention to whether the car balance for quality assurance: China's ISO9001 quality certification, CE certification.

US production for the mart balancing scooter, consumers can follow UL-certification security certification. UL after the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration Health certification, safety testing equipment for a variety of institutions. If the balance of the car charger UL approved, it is unlikely to damage the smart balancing scooter battery. Originator Segway balancing scooter batteries and chargers are built with UL certification.

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