Monday, 12 January 2015

The 8th anniversary of the birth of Iphone: interpretations of what is real innovation

This year's CES show has released a lot of new products, but people should remember that a real change in the world of what the product is. Eight years ago, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) in Los Angeles issued a first-generation iPhone, which indicates that the rise of the PC's death and smartphones

iPhone more popular it? In 2006, that is, the year before the launch of iPhone, Apple's full-year revenue of 19.3 billion dollars, which is the sum of all Apple products revenue. And last week, the technology blog Gigaom founder ohm Malik (Om Malik) said, UBS Investment Research expects fourth quarter 2014, sales on the iPhone alone generated more than 43 billion US dollars in revenue. For comparison, the chip maker Intel's sales in 2014 are expected to only $ 55 billion. Network equipment giant Cisco reported fiscal 2014 revenue of only $ 47 billion.

Since the iPhone and its many imitators seize the consumer electronics market, sales of the injured is not just PC, TV's in decline, sales of camera in decline. After the smartphone can achieve most of the functionality of these products, other electronic products have become less important.

At the same time, the whole world are connected iPhone smartphone inseparable established norms. No there is no taxi iPhone application Uber. In a world where there is no smart phone, Facebook is still just a PC-based browser service, who was used as an office all day diary tool. Twitter messages can only be a tool to tell a friend where you are. Also be able to remain king of the World Wide Web.

But the fact is that Apple recently said that Apple's App Store has come up more than 10 billion US dollars in revenue back to the application developer. According to market share, Google Android is now perhaps the world's largest mobile operating system, but allows developers to earn income in this regard, Apple has established a goal of catching Android.

Apple's Steve Jobs has been around during the appearance of the first generation iPhone to make a fuss, and gradually improve the allocation in an effort to better it. Larger screen iPhone 6 Plus subvert all this, it is no longer widely regarded as a big step forward. Even if there is no progress, but Apple's predicament highlights what kind of things are eligible to be called innovation, this word has been abused in the technology industry, but with the iPhone body is deserved. If there is no iPhone, 2015 year we may still use the Sidekick and Treo phone

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