Monday, 26 January 2015

How to deal with used batteries?

Battery is one of the most commonly used in daily life goods, cell phones, cameras, alarm clock, doorbell, remote control, etc., are inseparable from the battery. "My family kept a festival than a dozen used batteries, fearing random throw will pollute the environment, but can not find collection points, how to do it?" Recently, who lives in the village of happiness Sun told reporters, do not know how to properly handle home used batteries.

Waste battery recycling bins Hard to Find

"You see, so many used batteries, how to do it? Threw fear pollution of the environment, do not throw it and do not know how to deal with, is really a problem." Speaking of the Sun a feeling annoyed.

According to Mr. Sun introduced a lot of used batteries at home, mainly from children's toys, remote control, razors and other battery models are on the 1st, 5th, 7th. Considering the used batteries will pollute the environment, Sun will be saved in a used batteries together, such as when the family went to the mall, directly to the battery into waste battery recycling bins inside the mall. But most recently, Sun found waste battery recycling bins in some shopping malls are gone, many people do not know where these batteries the throw.

Interview, the reporter learned that the Sun so there really a lot of public concern, many environmentally conscious people consciously collect used batteries, avoid polluting the environment cause harm to humans.

Batteries and cell phone batteries to be treated separately

It is understood that the State Environmental Protection Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments have issued the "Waste Battery pollution control technology policy" clearly states that the public commonly used 5, 7 disposable batteries do not need to be recycled, but rechargeable batteries and button-type batteries polluted heavy, must focus on recycling by the manufacturer, not the people carelessly throw away.
According to professionals, if it is generally on the 5th or the 1st battery can be processed directly and garbage together, focusing on the recovery of the nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, including mobile phone batteries, rechargeable batteries, batteries, car electric vehicle batteries (bottles) and the like. If the people have such a waste battery recycling and the manufacturer can contact, or contact the environmental protection department. Another public buy time to see whether the battery "mercury" logo.

When reporters visited the market learned that many big brands are marked "mercury-free alkaline battery" or the word "mercury-free super-carbon batteries" on the battery packaging, while the surface of some cells did not otherwise specified . According to state regulations, if there will be green, "China Environmental Label" on the battery packaging, which is through the Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Certification Center of the mark, with the logo of the battery is generally considered to be environmentally friendly batteries, these batteries can be used and garbage into the processed together.

In addition to household waste batteries directly with household waste, but the reporter also learned that in life there are many recycling of batteries is a must. Such as electric vehicles commonly used lead-acid batteries, used in laptops and other nickel-cadmium batteries must be recycled, we can consult the electric car and computer vendors.

The public is best not to arbitrarily destroy dry appearance package, otherwise easily lead to electrolyte leakage and corrosion around the items. Such as alkaline batteries, the battery electrolyte with a strongly basic electrolyte; another example lithium batteries, the electrolyte solution contains an organic solvent. In addition, waste batteries if flooding over, there will be some contamination, be careful not to just throw the battery farmland and humid place.

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